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10.17.22 – PC Magazine

Navigate through a 3D version of your home, have a chat with digital humans, and adjust settings on the LG products you own.

LG is partnering with game engine maker Unity to create a 3D copy of our homes and populate them with ultra-lifelike digital humans.

LG explains that the idea is to create a “digital twin” of our living spaces(Opens in a new window) and offer us a meta-home to explore from the comfort of our real homes. While it may seem strange to sit at home and “spend time in a dynamic, virtual version” of it, LG is going to make the interaction useful.

Any LG products installed in your home will feature in your meta-home and you can adjust their settings, features, or functions without having to interact with them directly. That is assuming the LG devices are compatible with this new feature. It’s also possible to virtually rearrange furniture and appliances, which will come in handy if you’re planning a redesign and want a preview first.

There will also be “ultra-lifelike digital humans” in your meta-home available to give assistance when necessary. LG is integrating its voice recognition tech so you can converse with these digital humans who will “communicate in an exceptionally natural way.” And finally, you’ll be able to share tips and experiences with other meta-home users if you so wish.

“Meta-home featuring digital humans will leverage LG’s advanced technologies and in-depth understanding of consumers and the home environment, and Unity’s unrivaled capabilities in RT3D and computer graphics, to deliver a true customer-experience innovation,” said Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and executive vice president of LG Electronics.

It’s currently unclear exactly how an accurate recreation of your living space in 3D will be achieved. I have to assume the main form of interaction will be through a smart TV, and the user will be required to provide measurements and layouts for different rooms for this to work. For now, LG and Unity are only at the planning stage of this new feature, so we may be kept waiting some time to see the final product.