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10.23.18 -OKBFAA

The Dept of Labor Advisory committee has been working on a rule change related to a complaint they received about the yellow and red tagging of a fire alarm.  In the event that a fire alarm is yellow or red tagged at inspection, and it is repaired at a different time, the current guideline is that no one wants to green tag the panel.  The repair company won’t do it because they didn’t inspect everything, and the inspections company won’t without a completely new inspection, billable to the customer.

The Advisory Committee set up a green tag that is not an inspection tag, but shows the repairs made and reference the original inspection from the red or yellow tag, so that an inspector, or the public doesn’t see that red or yellow tag anymore.

Please review the proposed change to the law and reply to us so that we can speak on it on 11/7/18 at the next advisory committee.  Email your thoughts and input to Danna Fowble.

Steven Brekel