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3.9.23 – WIBW

The Kansas Legislature forwarded multiple big-ticket bills Wednesday afternoon.

The Senate advanced Senate Bill 244 Wednesday. It would provide the Kansas Attorney General the authority to prosecute any crime that transpires across multiple counties. Attorney General Kris Kobach spoke in favor of the bill during a hearing earlier this week. Kobach used retail crime as an example of how he’d use the power, a tenet in his campaign for the office. It’s also supported by written testimony from the Kansas Chamber and Kansas Retail Council. The Senate will vote on the bill Thursday.

The Senate also advanced House Bill 2238, or the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. It would prohibit trans students identifying as girls from participating in girls’ sports. It now goes up for a final vote Thursday. It’s already been approved by the House.

The House Committee on Health and Human Services also Wednesday advanced Senate Bill 180, which would legally define the biological sexes for government use.

House Bill 2304, which would implement gun education programs in K-12 schools, will move to the Senate. The Kansas House passed the legislation directing the State Board of Education to establish curriculum guidelines and calls for the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program to be used in grades K-5. Middle schools would use the same or Hunter Education from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. High school curriculums would also be based on Hunter Education. It heads to the Senate.

The House Health and Human Services Committee also advanced a pair of abortion bills.

House Bill 2313 defines “born alive” fetuses as any fetus with a heartbeat, muscle movement or pulsation of the umbilical cord; and requires health care providers present at an attempted abortion to give it care regardless of the circumstance it was delivered.

House Bill 2429 directs the Department for Children and Families to promote and fund alternatives to abortions, including pregnancy support centers and programs for counseling and adoption assistance.

Both bills will go before the full House.