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9.9.20 – SSN – Falls Church, Va.

As office locations and business districts nationwide remain at low occupancy and multifamily properties operate at near record levels 24×7, Kastle Systems has introduced KastleSafeVideo, a remote video platform to help these facilities maintain security while also reducing operating costs.

“With a longer timeframe for a full return to normal office activity and a growing concern about crime and security during this delay, we reshaped our existing video services to meet an immediate need for innovative, modern security coverage at lower cost for commercial office buildings and multifamily properties,” Kastle CEO Haniel Lynn said in the announcement. “We see KastleSafeVideo as a safe and secure bridge to a broader return to the office that the KastleSafeSpaces platform can help facilitate.”

Kastle’s technology, supported by multiple patents in AI-based video surveillance, has been harnessed in KastleSafeVideo, which provides clients with robust video analytics and remote guarding services to bolster security without increasing staff.

KastleSafeVideo provides video surveillance technology options to help secure properties and offices remotely.

This set of cloud-based services enables customers managing commercial or apartment buildings, as well as those tenants monitoring an office space, to access their video surveillance footage from anywhere on any device. Clients can either self-monitor their spaces with live viewing through 24×7 recording and push notifications, or employ Kastle’s monitoring expertise using smart cameras with artificial intelligence to provide real-time incident response from a new U.S.-based Video Security Operations Center (VSOC) located in Falls Church, VA.  

The tailored service offering includes live VSOC-supported options that can help augment or replace guard staff to oversee empty commercial spaces or overcrowded multifamily amenity areas. These include dispensing live remote audio talk-down, which Kastle has used for more than a decade to actively dissuade on-premise intruders, as well as remote video patrols to make regular video sweeps across a property.

Kastle Systems remains committed to providing smarter security for a safer world during the pandemic and as Americans return to the workplace over time, continuing to invest in video services and expanding their VSOC to handle the increased demand with 100% U.S.-based remote video guarding.