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1.23.21 – TOPEKA, Kan.- WIBW — The National Federation of Independent Business in Kansas is grateful for extended COVID-19 liability reform.

The National Federation of Independent Business in Kansas, with over 4,000 small businesses in the state, says it has applauded the legislature for extending important COVID-19 liability reform. It said on Thursday, the Kansas House passed a bill that will give small businesses protection from COVID-19 liability to customers and other third parties unless those customers or parties prove the business knowingly failed to develop and implement a reasonable plan for reducing the risk of exposure to the virus.

According to the NFIB, the liability was set to expire at the end of January. It said the new legislation will extend the COVID-19 liability until the end of March.

“As small business owners across America continue the process of reopening and operating in the COVID-19 environment, it’s imperative that we maintain protections from the threat of lawsuits that exploit the already damaging effects of COVID-19,” said Dan Murray, NFIB State Director in Kanas. “According to our survey’s results, small business owners are concerned about increases in liability claims when reopening their businesses. In fact, this survey released last year showed that nearly 70% of small business owners are concerned about liability claims increases, while only 6% are not at all concerned.”

The NFIB said the extension of the protections provide confidence to small business owners that they can continue to open and work without fear of costly legal battles. It said it and mall business owners were very appreciative of 2020′s bipartisan efforts to provide protection and certainty for Kansas businesses.

The NFIB said it strongly supports the extension of the business and product liability protections and urges Governor Laura Kelly to sign the bill.

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