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The 2020 Annual Meeting will be held on July 14 at 2pm Eastern

Leaders will give reports on general, committee and chapter activities. The Public Safety and Associate member of the year will be announced. An open forum will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions.


Since we only received a single candidate for the open seats the following candidates will be declared elected at the 2020 Annual Meeting on July 14 at 2pm Eastern:

  • President – Alberto Hook
  • Treasurer – Alicia Vela
  • Fire Alarm Associate Director – Kelly Ryan
  • Vendor Associate Director – Dave Moss – PM AM Corporation

Note – Rick Moore indicated a willingness to run again but the bylaws say “If a member in good standing submits a request for consideration of candidacy, as provided in these Bylaws, for the same seat occupied by an incumbent, the candidacy of the incumbent shall not be accepted if the incumbent has served in a single position for more than four (4) consecutive terms or eight (8) years, whichever is greater.” Rick has served as associate director for 10 years.  A bylaw change has been proposed to eliminate Vice President – Fire Alarm position and also allow committee chairs to serve on the board as voting members.    Tammy Foxworthy has indicated a willingness to run for Vice President – Fire Alarms. If the bylaw is not adopted she will be elected as the only candidate. If the bylaw passed she would serve on the board as Symposium Chair. 

Bylaw Vote will be Done Online

The vote on the proposed change (see below) will be done online. Each public safety agency that is a member in good standing will get ONE vote on the bylaw change.