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8.13.21 – WBAL – BALTIMORE

 ‘It was just a risk we had to take‘: Restaurateur explains proof of … The policy is plastered on the front door of Silver Queen Cafe …

While you now have to wear your face masks indoors in Baltimore, at some places, you’ll also have to bring proof of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter.

One northeast Baltimore restaurant moves to protect its staff and customers. The policy is plastered on the front door of Silver Queen Cafe — ages 12 and up cannot get in without proof they’re fully vaccinated.

Jason Daniloski, the co-owner of Silver Queen Cafe, said he rather potentially lose his business than lose a life. Daniloski put the new policy in place last week Friday.

“We just kind of took the plunge. It’s a little awkward. I used to be a doorman a long time ago, so it almost feels like you’re in the club again checking IDs when you come in,” he said.

Customers who refuse to show proof or wear a mask indoors will have to wait outside to pick up food or dine at tables out front.

“Customers have been very supportive, and it was scary because we do need every cent. It’s a scary time when you need every cent, and to make up for lost revenue from last year,” Daniloski said.

Currently, Baltimore City is under a reinstated indoor mask mandate, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. So far, the city’s positivity rate sits at 2.6% while Baltimore has seen a 439% rise in cases within the last four weeks.

Daniloski is taking a stance, trying to keep the COVID-19 numbers down, even if it means putting safety over profit.

“It was just a risk we had to take. I mean, I’d rather lose my business than my life, or my family’s life, or anybody else’s life,” Daniloski said.

The owners said the policy will remain in place until cases begin to drop.