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12.2.21 – CE Pro -Readers and integrators share what they want to see from modern AV software solutions.

Integration companies are never shy about vocalizing what they want from any of their suppliers, let alone their software providers. Here are just some of the verbatim comments from dealers about their software wants and needs from both the survey and from a CE Pro focus group, and don’t forget to check out the full 2021 CE Pro Software Deep Dive.

What Integrators Want From AV Software Suppliers

Below are the results of our survey of integrators. Each paragraph denotes an individual response:

We want a young company that is willing to listen to us and make changes quickly, rather than saying a change is going to happen six months from now. We look for a support center that’s typically somewhat local and will answer the phone and talk to us. We look for somebody who knows our industry well enough to understand the business that we’re doing, and understands how to build change orders.

I prefer everything to be cloud-based. I don’t want the Internet in my office or the Internet at your office to be the reason my software doesn’t work.

We look hard at the security aspect of any cloud-based software. If we’re going to put a bunch of client data up there, I want to know that it’s somewhat secure.

I want the software supplier to sit down with the users and really understand their business. Also, look at all the additional pieces integrators have to use to make their business operate and build that into the product.

Monthly fees are an immediate turndown. Annual payments or version purchase is better.

I want the project management portion of my software to give me the ability to better manage the change orders or track changes of the equipment at the time of the installation, as well as give me real-time project profitability.

Most software seems to be catering to larger businesses of 100+ employees. I would like something for the one and the one-to-11 employee range with customer support, especially for small businesses.

The software needs to have an open API so individual software can talk to each other. It doesn’t need to be an all-in-one solution if everything works together.

Here are a few quick thoughts several integrators shared with CE Pro:

  • The software needs to be backward compatible.
  • The software must accept signatures from the app for contracts.
  • More in-person training.
  • An easy 3D design tool would be nice.
  • We need links from the software to QuickBooks and to email.
  • Better tools for tracking feedback on various software tools and functionality.
  • Software needs to be easier to input via smartphones.
  • Ease of setup, use, adoption, and intuitive user interface are most important.
  • Cloud support for ease of deployment is important.

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