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6.13.19 – CI –

We get personal, very personal, with a demographics study titled, “2019 Integration Market Demographics: A Surprisingly Invasive Survey.” This is not just about percentage of males versus females and calling out the industry for being close to retirement age. We ask probing questions to find out who the individuals in this industry really are.

Our Commercial Integratoreditors wanted to get a deeper understanding of the individuals who make up our industry, so they asked some rather personal (sometimes quirky) questions.

We worried that readers would feel the questions were too intrusive and refuse to participate. Imagine our surprise when we received an overwhelming 465 responses!

Our new “Integration Industry Demographics Special Report” delivers the results of these questions. It provides some unique and very interesting insights into:

  • Demographic basics like gender, age and race
  • Diet regimens and exercise frequency
  • Family dynamics
  • Ideal vacation spot and meal partner
  • Political leanings and beliefs
  • And let’s not forget, votes for the best TV show of all time

Download your copy today and get a better understanding of your colleagues and customers. We certainly gained some intriguing new insights.

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