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11.11.21 – BALTIMORE (WJZ)

Maryland already has plans for its cut of the trillion-dollar federal infrastructure bill that President Joe Biden is expected to sign on Monday.

The governor said $1.7 billion will go to public transportation.

Anthony Johnson who works in Baltimore said the buses are often unreliable and that’s problematic for people who rely on the system to go to work.

“From here to the inner harbor, it’s not more than three miles and how long does it take you?” asked reporter Ava-joye Burnett.

“If I catch everything on time, about an hour,” said Johnson. “On Sundays, it’s real bad. Sunday, people are waking up two hours, an hour and 45 minutes [before].”

Sixty-three million will bring an added surge for electric vehicle charging stations.

“I think it’s great, then again I’m biased because I have an electric car,” said Chris Landers of Baltimore. “That’s where things are headed so anything that can accelerate that is probably a good thing.”

Governor Hogan said $15.9 million will help prevent cyberattacks. Councilman Kristerfer Burnett spoke about the cyberattack that Baltimore city hall experienced in 2019.

“We literally for a few weeks could not take calls or emails and we were really trying to work quickly to establish other ways to communicate with our constituents and be able to address their concerns,” said Burnett.

Governor Hogan said $158 million of Maryland’s cut of the money will go to airports and $100 million will go to broadband to improve wi-fi access for Marylanders.