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12.7.18 – WFMYNews2.com

GREENSBORO, NC (WFMY) — Go security camera shopping and you’ll see a ton of options. Consumer Reports reveals the top performer in their tests is the popular Ring Pro Doorbell which also helped catch a porch pirate suspect in Greensboro.

A Ring Pro Doorbell costs about $200. But to get the most out of the camera you need to pick the right settings.

Starting with how far away you want the Ring Doorbell to sense before the alarm goes off to let you know someone’s there. It might be tempting to pick some place way out away from the porch, but by the time the suspect actually gets up to the camera to see their face, the ring doorbell might stop recording. So, it’s better to pick a closer sensor to send those alerts.

You might also be tempted to point the camera down at the ground so you can keep an eye on your packages, but check it out, you don’t get the suspect’s face. Instead you want to put the camera right at eye level, so that way you can see who the suspect is and to help police.

If you do capture video of a suspect, do not post it on social media right away. Police say all the Facebook exposure could hurt their investigation. Instead call them first and let them pick up the case.

In addition, to the initial cost of purchasing the ring doorbell, you’ll also have to pay $30 per year for it to save recordings of your videos.

Otherwise, you can only watch the security footage live and then it vanishes into thin air.