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All you need is a dust cloth

A former burglar reveals the simple cleaning trick that could prevent a break-in. All you need is a dust cloth. Rebecca Knight November 18, ..

You might think you know all the tricks when it comes to how to avoid a burglary at home. But one little cleaning slip could be leaving your home vulnerable to intruders.

Michael Fraser, a former burglar turned security consultant, best known for co-presenting the BBC’s ‘Beat the Burglar’, told The Express that there is one cleaning trick that could stop your home being robbed

How to avoid a burglary

Michael Fraser revealed that neglecting to clean your alarm keypad could be leaving your home vulnerable to burglary.

How to avoid a burglarly 1

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‘If you do have a digital alarm system, make sure that you are keeping it clean – if burglars know what digits you’re using, they can easily work out your password as people are more likely to start with lower numbers and work their way up the keypad when it comes to numerical patterns,’ Michael Fraser explains.

So when it’s your next cleaning day be sure to give your alarm keypad a thorough clean. Make sure that you have removed all fingerprints that could give away your alarm code.

Another top tip from Michael Fraser to prevent an at home burglary is to close the curtains or blinds when you leave the lights on at night. Leaving lights on is a very common hack used to deter potential intruders.

How to avoid a burglary

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However, while leaving the lights on may signal an occupied house to would-be burglars, it could also make your valuables more visible.

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If you are popping out for a meal or going away for the night and leave a couple of lights on  make sure that the curtains or blinds are closed. This will ensure potential burglars can’t get a good look at the layout of your home and keep your valuables out of sight of prying eyes.

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As the darker nights set in and your homes are more exposed, make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect your home.