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Lawmakers are seen in the House of Representatives’ chamber on May 27, 2022, the final day of the legislative session. (Whitney Bryen/Oklahoma Watch)

7.31.22 — Oklahoma Watch

Oklahoma lawmakers abstained from voting more than 100 times in 2022 due to potential conflicts of interest, an Oklahoma Watch review of legislative records found. 

State law prohibits elected officials from using their position for profit. Legislators, judges and state elected officials are asked to submit an annual financial disclosure form with the following personal and spousal information: 

  • Personal annual income over $20,000
  • Investments of $20,000 or more 
  • Ownership of 5% or more or at least $50,000 in a publicly traded business 

There was a heightened awareness of potential conflicts of interest this year following the December 2021 indictment of Rep. Terry O’Donnell, R-Catoosa. 

An Oklahoma County grand jury stated in their indictment that O’Donnell improperly sponsored legislation that allowed his wife to run a tag agency. O’Donnell, who resigned from his position as Speaker Pro Tempore in January, has denied wrongdoing. 

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