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5.1.20 – SSI – VIsit SSI to watch a video on this topic

A security integrator details the camera, sensor and AI-based software solutions it is deploying to help its customers combat COVID-19.

The whole country has been on lockdown due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, for months and your clients and prospects can’t wait to get their employees and customers back.

In this video, Mark Smith, former SSI consultant and current host of IoT Playbook, interviews Luis Alvarez, owner of Alvarez Technology Group, a security integrator in Salinas, Calif.  

Luis details a brand new business opportunity to help your clients reopen after the COVID-19 lockdown.  Related:Why a Long-Term Vision Is Essential to Safely Reopen Businesses

This service complies with the new Whitehouse and CDC business reopen guidelines and uses camera, sensor and AI-based software solutions that any security integrator can deploy right now.

In the video above, you will discover the three solutions that Luis Alvarez is selling right now to combat COVID-19:

  • A high-speed AI-camera temperature scanning platform — the same system that Amazon announced they are installing in their warehouses.
  • A high-speed hand-held solution. 
  • An AI-based social distancing platform.
  • Plus, you will learn how you can sell all of these services as a managed service that generates recurring monthly revenue (RMR)

Mark Smith is the host of IoT Playbook, a video podcast for the channel. Mark is also the co-founder of GatherSafely.com, a service that helps organizations reopen using cutting edge technology.