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5.14.20 – SSI- For More Info

Honeywell says its ThermoRebellion system can conduct non-invasive, preliminary screenings of personnel entering a facility, as well as validate if they are wearing proper PPE.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announces  a new temperature monitoring solution that incorporates advanced, infrared imaging technology and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to conduct non-invasive, preliminary screening of personnel entering a facility.

The Honeywell ThermoRebellion system uses thermal cameras and AI to detect elevated body temperature and can also validate if an individual is wearing proper PPE, according to the company.

Honeywell says the temperature monitoring camera can be setup and deployed at entryways of factories, airports, distribution centers, stadiums and other commercial buildings.

The unit works by letting individuals pass in front of a high-resolution, thermal imaging camera that automatically detects a person’s skin temperature. The camera then displays that temperature within two seconds on an accompanying monitor.

Honeywell emphasizes these temperature readings can be used to alert someone to seek out additional medical screenings, and it provides property owners information related to the personnel entering their buildings.

The ThermoRebellion solution incorporates software powered by AI allowing for each individual pixel captured by the camera to be rapidly assessed for elevated temperature. The solution is easy to install and commission, and it is simple to operate with minimal training using an intuitive graphical user interface, according to the company.

The system also automatically logs data to simplify and standardize record-keeping for compliance, reducing the need for potentially error-prone manual tracking processes.  

“Protecting worker safety is the top priority for any building operator and today, more than ever, managers are looking for innovative solutions to enhance their health screening processes,” says Renaud Mazarguil, president of Honeywell’s Gas Analysis and Safety business. “We’ve developed this breakthrough technology to automate and streamline the monitoring of an individual’s temperature and reduce the need for invasive monitoring. Honeywell is committed to developing new solutions to help workers, families and communities stay safe.” 

Honeywell is piloting its new temperature monitoring solution at two of its U.S. production facilities, including the company’s new N95 face mask manufacturing center in Phoenix.

The system integrates seamlessly with the Honeywell Forge platform and Honeywell’s Healthy Building Solutions that provide a holistic view of a building’s health based on key factors such as air quality, social distancing, occupant flow, sanitation, wellness density and governance adherence.

The new temperature screening solution incorporates intelligent, visual monitoring technology from Rebellion Photonics, which Honeywell acquired in December 2019. Rebellion offers the oil and gas and petrochemical industries’ real-time monitoring platform that visually identifies and quantifies gas releases to quickly detect and analyze leaks. The business features a sophisticated AI software platform to provide operators with automated notifications for gas leaks, security issues and fires.