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6.21.24 – Chicago (WLS)

Home security video captured a Chicago homeowner chasing away an alleged burglar with an unusual weapon.

Homeowner Jason Williams grabbed the first thing that came to mind when someone broke in: a frying pan.

Williams said it all started Thursday afternoon when he was on his way home from work.

Just minutes from home, Williams got an alert from his alarm system that someone had broken in.

“Came in the house, you know, I looked if there was an available weapon, there was a frying pan laying there,” Williams said. “So, I grabbed the frying pan, and at the same time the burglar came the down the stairs.”

As Chicago police were pulling up, Williams chased the suspect out of his house and around the yard.

“At this point it was kinda fight or flight, and I would rather do the fighting,” he said.

Officers eventually took the suspect down across the street.

Chicago police say responding officers took the suspect into custody and then to the hospital to be checked out. Charges are pending.

No one was seriously hurt.

“This could have had a different ending, and I’m glad it had a good one. My wife’s not happy about the decision I made … probably wouldn’t do it again, but it is what it is,” Williams said.