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3.26.24 – Atlanta News First -By Harry Samler – Atlanta, Ga.

ADT has filed a federal lawsuit against Skyline Security.

Renaldo Weekes is a retired New York City police officer who moved to South Fulton to be closer to family.

Weekes is serious about his family’s safety. He has 15 surveillance cameras mounted around his home and a seven-year-old German Shepherd rescue.

Weekes has a separate traditional alarm system that he set up through ADT, an American security company. ADT monitored the alarm for several years until Weekes received a call in January. He claims he thought it was ADT calling, but he later realized the call was from ADT’s rival Skyline Security, a partner with Brinks Home Security.

“A female was on the phone … [and] stated that she was with ADT and that I was due for an upgrade because I’d been with them for so long,” Weekes said.

Weekes said when he realized later it was Skyline Security, he agreed to the switch because the monthly rate was better. He agreed to a five-year contract but admitted he didn’t read all the terms because the installer presented them to him on a tablet, and he quickly scrolled through, initialed and signed the agreement.

Weekes said he would have been fine with the new monitoring service but that it repeatedly malfunctioned. A Skyline Security attorney said the system worked properly and claims the malfunction was caused by an unlocked door. The attorney also said the company does not misrepresent itself.

“I just want them to take the alarm out,” Weekes said. “They can keep the money they have just take the alarm out of my house.”

After Atlanta News First Investigates got involved, Skyline agreed to terminate the contract.

“The Brinks Home team spoke with the third party that sold and installed Mr. Weekes’ alarm system. We understand that the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of Mr. Weekes and no further action is necessary. As a Company, Brinks Home does not tolerate any misrepresentations of its brand or services and we are pleased that this matter has been resolved.”

“Skyline spoke to Mr. Weekes and has resolved his concerns with no further action being necessary,” the company said. “Skyline takes these matters seriously and we are pleased that this matter has been resolved.”

Earlier this year, ADT filed a federal lawsuit against Skyline Security, alleging the company “conspired to steal ADT’s proprietary business information in order to poach thousands of ADT customers throughout the United States. Due in no small part to these stolen trade secrets, defendants were able to identify, target, and then mislead ADT’s customers into making changes to their home alarm systems.”

“ADT understands how inconvenient unwanted solicitations can be for customers,” an ADT spokesperson said. “We take these types of matters seriously, and this lawsuit is an example of one of our many efforts to protect our customers from misleading solicitations and our business from competitors who resort to deceptive sales practices.”