301.519.9237 exdirector@nesaus.org

Dear TBFAA member:

 We asked Consolidated Insurance to contact you on our behalf in an effort to secure census information that will help us design a Health Insurance/Benefits Group Association Plan. The purpose is to drive down costs and increase coverage availability that a dealer would not be afforded in the under 50 life marketplace. Health Insurance continues to be a significant cost burden on many dealers which we acknowledge and are looking to assist in reducing.

 An example of the data they will be asking for is:

How many employees do you have?

  • What are your employees names?
  • What are their addresses?
  • What is their zip code?
  • What is their Date of Birth?
  • Are they Male or Female

Please help us get the data we need to set up a program by answering their questions.

Brad Shipp
TBFAA Executive Director