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3.6.19 – Security Systems News – Southfield, Mich. – SSN Staff


Guardian Alarm, a privately held national security company based here, unveiled Virtual Guardian, a multi-dimensional security program that leverages remotely-monitored video and audio technology to enhance on-site security systems.

The virtual security service is an augmentation solution for companies that require additional support in the background of traditional security services. With intelligent technology and smart cameras, Virtual Guardian provides 360-degree coverage to help identify a security issue at the first sign of threat.

“When a company’s security staff needs extra eyes and ears to ensure their people and property are protected, Virtual Guardian’s video and audio capabilities provide the real-time security support they need,” Jason Tague, director of Business Development at Guardian Alarm, said in the announcement. “A security guard can see threats from where he or she stands, but our 360-degree coverage can see it all. We truly are an extension of our customer’s security team working in lockstep with them on a daily basis.”

In addition to live, proactive support, Virtual Guardian can also positively impact loss prevention, employee retention and other areas of operational improvement efforts. “The service provides highly trained video surveillance operators who understand behaviors of each property and use analytics to assess threat levels,” the company noted. “Analytics Response Center (ARC) video surveillance analysts are always watching, always alert as they monitor the property from Guardian Alarm’s local ARC monitoring facility.”

These video surveillance operators have an overarching view of the property and the activity on site and remotely perform proactive virtual tours. Virtual Guardian can also deliver immediate and preventative audio messages throughout the property.

“Our virtual, real-time interaction capabilities help to create a connected community with local first responders, law enforcement and Guardian Alarm video surveillance operators to protect your business together,” said Tague. “Virtual Guardian allows first responders to have eyes and ears to a situation before they arrive.”

The newly launched Virtual Guardian program leverages Guardian Alarm’s more than 15 years of monitoring experience, vendor partnerships and smart technology to improve industry best practices, the company said, and modernizes the role that remote monitoring can play in protecting clients’ personnel and property. Business establishments with on-site security teams working late hours protecting physical assets on the property, such as storage facilities and auto dealerships, stand to benefit from Virtual Guardian’s suite of off-site monitoring support capabilities, the company said.

“This is security on demand. Whether it’s a signal trip, duress button, phone call, or scheduled guard tour, we are there on demand,” Tague explained. “We provide an additional layer of security that affords companies a more robust security solution without having to use additional resources.”

Virtual Guardian allows companies to perform video audits of operations to increase employee compliance of desired practices. Companies can also use Virtual Guardian to optimize business productivity and boost results.

“Virtual Guardian is customized to meet the individual needs of each customer, and we make it extremely easy for businesses to have the exact level of security they desire,” said Tague. “Our customers have confidence in moving to remote monitoring because Guardian Alarm is their valued and trusted partner.”