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1.13.22 – NJ.Gov … TRENTON –

The funding will be allocated to the installation of silent panic alarms to alert law enforcement during an emergency as required by Alyssa’s Law, as well as other school security upgrades.

Governor Murphy yesterday signed legislation (A-6258/S-4309) that appropriates a total of $5,150,531 from the “Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act” to provide grants for school security projects in New Jersey school districts. The funding will be allocated to the installation of silent panic alarms to alert law enforcement during an emergency as required by Alyssa’s Law, as well as other school security upgrades. 

“The safety and well-being of students and educators across our state is one of our top priorities. By investing in school security, we are also investing in healthy and safe learning environments,” said Governor Murphy. “This funding will help many schools make necessary security enhancements to their facilities.”

“We share a common goal in New Jersey of ensuring our students and staff are in safe and secure learning environments,” said Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan, Acting Commissioner of Education. “The funding that is being announced today is one important piece that helps New Jersey continue to achieve that goal.”

Primary sponsors of the legislation include Assemblymembers Roy Freiman, Angela V. McKnight, and Joe Danielsen, and Senator Paul A. Sarlo. 

“Equipping our schools with panic alarms will help first responders come to the aid of students and staff more quickly in the event of an emergency,” said Assemblymembers Freiman, McKnight, and Danielsen in a joint statement. “It’s sad that measures such as this are necessary. However, in these troubling times this is a prudent action to protect the well-being of our children.” 

“This is an investment in the safety of school children and educators in schools across the state,” said Senator Sarlo. “The ‘panic alarms’ provide a level of silent security that we hope is never needed but is always there. State funds will allow schools to install the system.”

The following districts will receive grant funding:

CountyDistrict NameGrant Amount
BergenBERGEN CO SPECIAL SERVICE$         33,785.00
BergenCARLSTADT-EAST RUTHERFORD$         31,890.00
BergenELMWOOD PARK$       144,169.00
BergenPARK RIDGE BORO$         66,603.00
BergenTEANECK TWP$       195,484.00
BurlingtonBEVERLY CITY$         20,000.00
BurlingtonMANSFIELD TWP$         27,580.00
BurlingtonMAPLE SHADE TWP$       120,524.00
BurlingtonNEW HANOVER TWP$         20,000.00
CamdenBERLIN TWP$         16,653.00
CamdenCLEMENTON BORO$         25,035.00
CamdenCOLLINGSWOOD BORO$       119,721.00
CamdenLAUREL SPRINGS BORO$         20,000.00
CamdenLAWNSIDE BORO$            4,500.00
CamdenOAKLYN BORO$         20,000.00
CamdenSOMERDALE BORO$         26,289.00
CamdenWATERFORD TWP$         38,750.00
Cape MayLOWER CAPE MAY REGIONAL$         73,761.00
CumberlandHOPEWELL TWP$         25,913.00
EssexESSEX CO ED SERV COMM$         20,000.00
EssexESSEX CO VOC-TECH$       154,755.00
EssexESSEX FELLS BORO$         20,000.00
EssexIRVINGTON TOWNSHIP$       352,329.00
EssexLIVINGSTON TWP$       184,230.00
EssexMONTCLAIR TOWN$       377,768.00
EssexNUTLEY TOWN$       228,171.00
HudsonEAST NEWARK BORO$         20,000.00
HunterdonHUNTERDON CO ED SERV COMM$            2,949.00
MercerEWING TWP$       191,033.00
MiddlesexCRANBURY TWP$         24,819.00
MiddlesexMETUCHEN$       128,387.00
MonmouthATLANTIC HIGHLANDS BORO$         20,000.00
MonmouthMILLSTONE TWP$         55,460.00
MonmouthNEPTUNE CITY$         20,000.00
MonmouthNEPTUNE TWP$       205,044.00
MonmouthOCEAN TWP$       189,594.00
MonmouthSHREWSBURY BORO$         25,305.00
MonmouthUNION BEACH$         28,078.00
MorrisMORRIS COUNTY VOCATIONAL$         93,869.00
MorrisRANDOLPH TWP$       261,862.00
SalemSALEM CO VOCATIONAL$         49,699.00
SomersetFRANKLIN TWP$       382,358.00
SomersetMONTGOMERY TWP$       267,839.00
SussexSTANHOPE BORO$         20,000.00
SussexSUSSEX-WANTAGE REGIONAL$         54,378.00
SussexWALLKILL VALLEY REGIONAL$         38,898.00
UnionCRANFORD TWP$       218,811.00
UnionGARWOOD BORO$         20,172.00
WarrenALLAMUCHY TWP$         23,012.00
WarrenALPHA BORO$         20,000.00
WarrenBLAIRSTOWN TWP$         23,356.00
WarrenFRANKLIN TWP$         20,000.00
WarrenFRELINGHUYSEN TWP$         16,182.00
WarrenGREAT MEADOWS REGIONAL$         34,329.00
WarrenHOPE TWP$            1,549.00
WarrenLOPATCONG TWP$         38,554.00
WarrenMANSFIELD TWP$         31,416.00
WarrenPHILLIPSBURG TOWN$       210,810.00
WarrenPOHATCONG TWP$         20,000.00
WarrenWASHINGTON BORO$         24,858.00
Total $   5,150,531.00