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7.15.20 – LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) –

As Texas continues to see record breaking number in daily COVID-19 cases and deaths, Governor Abbott is warning a second lockdown could be the next step for the state.

Gov. Greg Abbott reiterated Friday afternoon that things will continue to get worse. And if people keep flouting his new statewide mask mandate, he said, the next step could be another economic lockdown, according to the Texas Tribune.

Governor Abbott has taken additional steps recently to curve the spread of COVID-19 with a statewide mask order for Texas counties with 20 or more cases, tightening restrictions on restaurants, and the closing of Texas bars.

With these new restrictions is place, some counties are fighting back and choosing not to follow these orders. Governor Abbott understands the order was neither popular nor convenient, but said it was important for everyone to join in the effort. His plea to Texans comes as nearly 80 Texas counties have opted out of the order order, while others are refusing to enforce it.

“It’s disappointing,” Abbott told CBS Tyler about the government entities who defy his mandate.

“I realize that a murderer or rapist or robber is far more serious to concentrate on. However, I know this also: If we do not all join together and unite in this one cause for a short period of time of adopting the masks, it will lead to the necessity of having to close Texas back down,” Abbott said. “That should be the last thing that any government wants.”

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