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6.12.24 – KOKH

OKLAHOMA CITY, (KOKH) — On Wednesday, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the budget for the 2025 fiscal year into law.

After eliminating grocery tax, the budget lowered state spending compared to last year while investing in infrastructure.

“This was the most transparent budget process in state history, and that is something to be proud of,” said Gov. Stitt. “Every Oklahoman had the opportunity to have a front row seat to the negotiations that took place and to see how their tax dollars were spent.”

Gov. Stitt had laid out budget objectives prior to the legislative session that yielded a successful result:

  • Deliver on tax relief for all Oklahomans
  • Enhanced budget transparency
  • Ensure that recurring expenditures were in line with recurring revenues
  • Make targeted, strategic one-time investments while preserving Oklahoman’s savings level near $5 million

The 2025 fiscal year budget authorized $12.47 billion in spending for Oklahoma.