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Apr 10, 2021 — TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) –

Governor Laura Kelly has signed several pieces of bipartisan legislation.

Governor Laura Kelly says she has signed several bipartisan bills that will implement changes for Kansans, communities and businesses.

“I want to thank the Legislature for their work to get these pieces of bipartisan, commonsense legislation to my desk,” Governor Kelly said. “These bills are a testament to what we can get done for Kansans when we work together, toward mutually agreeable solutions, to make life better for the people in our state.”

According to Gov. Kelly, Senate Bill 52 establishes the Sedgwick Co. Urban Area Nuisance Abatement Act, which authorizes the Board of County Commissioners to order the removal or abatement of any nuisance from any property in the incorporated area of Sedgwick Co. She said all costs associated with the abatement will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Gov. Kelly said before the abatement process could start, the bill requires the County to first get a conviction for a county code violation regarding the nuisance no more than one year before the issuance of the abatement order.

According to the Kansas Governor, Senate Bill 172 amends the Kansas Criminal Code which regards crimes involving property by eliminating the crime of tampering with a pipeline and establishes four new crimes: trespassing on a critical infrastructure facility, aggravated trespassing on a CIF, criminal damage to a CIF and aggravated criminal damage to a CIF. She said the bill also allows a judge to order restitution for property damage to any victim of the four new crimes.

Gov. Kelly said House Bill 2022 amends laws that concern the filing of complaints and investigations about abandoned wells, responsible parties for plugging said wells and funds used by the Kansas Corporation Commission for plugging abandoned wells.

According to Gov. Kelly, House Bill 2050 amends statutes to remove requirements that following be provided to the Legislative Division of Post Audit, the Post Auditor or the Legislative Post Audit Committee:ADVERTISEMENT

  • An audited statement of expenditures by a Kansas nonprofit corporation that provides legal service to indigent inmates of Kansas correctional institutions.
  • A certified summary of the write-off of any accounts receivable or taxes receivable by the Director of Account and Reports.
  • An annual audit of corporations that contract with the Board of Regents or any state educational institution and are controlled by the Board or such institution.
  • An annual report by the Secretary of Revenue regarding tax abatements that reduce final tax liability by $5,000 or more.

Additionally, Gov. Kelly said the bill makes technical amendments to ensure consistency in statutory phrasing and remove an outdated retroactivity provision.

According to Gov. Kelly, House Bill 2070 allows private, not-for-profit postsecondary educational institutions in the state to collect a surcharge on credit card payments. She said the Kansas Uniform Consumer Credit Code bars sellers from taking a surcharge on credit card payments, with exceptions that include Kansas public institutions, municipal universities, community colleges, technical colleges and vocational schools.

Gov. Kelly said Senate Substitute for House Bill 2072 creates the Utility Financing and Securitization Act, which allows for the securitization of utility assets to recover energy transition costs for electric public utilities with retail rates subject to the KCC.

According to the Kansas Governor, the UFSA also allows electric and natural gas public utilities with retail rates subject to the KCC to pursue scrutinization to help finance qualified extraordinary expenses like fuel costs incurred during extreme weather events.

Gov. Kelly said House Bill 2112 allows online advertisement and sales of abandoned property by self-storage rental unit operators, provides for the designation by occupants of an alternate contact and limits claims for loss or damage of stored property to the property value limit provided in the rental agreement.

According to Gov. Kelly, House Bill 2126 gives immunity from civil liability for COVID-19 claims for certain covered facilities, including adult care homes, community mental health centers, crisis intervention centers, community service providers and community developmental disability organizations.

Gov. Kelly said House Bill 2145 exempts the retail sale of electricity by public utilities for electric vehicle charging stations from the jurisdiction of the state corporation commission.

According to Gov. Kelly, House Bill 2155 provides for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment response operations for water and soil pollutant release, discharge or escape.

Gov. Kelly said House Bill 2162 amends and repeals reapportionment census data laws to parallel 2019 amendments to the Kansas constitution and to remove certain provisions that are now obsolete.

According to the Kansas Governor, House Bill 2214 authorizes the Secretary of Administration of the Department of Corrections to convey land in Mitchell Co. to the City of Beloit.

Gov. Kelly said House Bill 2298 changes requirements of services of process on nonresident drivers and clarifies service of process on certain businesses.

Lastly, Gov. Kellys said she signed House Bill 2367, which authorizes the state corporation commission to regulate transmission line wire stringing activities.

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