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7.17.19 – WFMY News 2 Greensboro

People in several triad neighborhoods are sounding the alarm on fake workers from a home security company who are going door to door. Lechelle Yates with the Better Business Bureau took the call from one homeowner. “This lady said the men were professionally dressed, said the men claimed they were with Brinks, her home security company and they wanted to upgrade her system.”

She did something we should all do when someone shows up on our doorstep: take a good look! “She noticed they didn’t have badges on their shirts, no business cards and their vehicles weren’t marked.

Always ask for identification when workers just show up at your door.
And check it with the company – real company employees won’t mind if you take that precaution.

Beware of Summer Security System Scammers Going Door-to-Door: BBB

This homeowner turned these men away and did call Brinks. These guys were definitely fake. When the BBB talked to Brinks, the company said the only way a technician will come to your house is if you make an appointment – they won’t just show up.

Brinks said they’ve seen two motives behind these fake workers –  slamming or theft. Slamming is switching the servicing to another security service.

“We’ve seen reports of fake security company people in a Greensboro neighborhood as well in the last week.  The BBB Scam Tracker shows you other scams reported in the Triad in just the last month.”

“Your neighbors are telling us they are being contacted by companies about fake jobs – the goal — get your personal information like social security numbers. Check the BBB Scamtracker and file a complaint if need be.