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6.10.24 – WSB-TV

LAVONIA, Ga. — A man has found himself behind bars after he allegedly burglarized a Georgia home.

Last week, a man identified by Lavonia police as ‘Mr. Pizon’, allegedly broke into a home while the homeowners were away.

While inside, officers said Pizon found a jar of change, stole the money, and bought a large amount of alcohol.

After buying the alcohol, Pizon came back to the home and drank the alcohol until he passed out on the bedroom floor, according to officials.

Pizon was awoken by the homeowners who were armed with guns. The homeowners waited until the police arrived.

Pizon was arrested and charged with burglary.

“If you do allegedly commit a burglary, don’t allegedly burglarize a residence that is protected by parents who believe in the 2nd Amendment,” the police department said.