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3.24.21- SSI

As the world finally starts to get back to some semblance of normalcy, employees will be looking to feel safe when they return to work. Here’s what you can offer.

We are now a little beyond one year since the COVID-19 pandemic first turned the way we live and work upside down. The security industry was able to weather the storm better than most others as it is as recession-proof as an industry can get.

Two factors that contributed to that resilience was the fact that security integrators were deemed essential (with a little bit of help from industry associations) and the emergence of a new vertical: back-to-work solutions.

When the pandemic first began, elevated skin detection solutions were some of the first major solutions to surface in this area. They were soon joined by touchless access control offerings and various solutions that monitored compliance for social distancing, occupancy and mask-wearing.

Though the COVID vaccine is finally beginning to be widely distributed, social distancing and related protocols will likely be in place for a while, meaning these solutions should have some longevity to them.

To help you get your clients back to work, SSI rounded up a dozen solutions for integrators to offer, spanning thermal imaging and mask detection, to touchless access control and occupancy management.

Check them out in the slideshow, and then find out the best practices for implementing these solutions and how they can be utilized post-pandemic life, here.

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