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Let’s check on Florida and see what’s going on.

Oh, would you look at that, more dumb criminals…

Meanwhile in Brevard County Florida

Two Florida men in Brevard County were arrested after they got caught driving a pickup truck with “stolen tag” written on a piece of cardboard serving as a license plate.

WKMG News 6
WKMG News 6

Their arrests were in connection with multiple burglaries in Brevard County, according to sheriff officials.

Two Arrests

The two men were identified as 31-year-old Anthony Sosa and 36-year-old Chad Doulette. Both men were taken into custody Thursday, January 5th, and face multiple charges of grand theft and burglary.

Anthony Sosa (Left) Chad Doulette (Right) BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
Anthony Sosa (Left) Chad Doulette (Right) BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

The pickup truck was first spotted on January 4th at several houses on Tropical Trail in Merritt Island where multiple burglaries were occurring.

While multiple houses on the block were being raided, these burglars stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and a handgun.

One of the residents on the street, Mark Skwarvk, said his scenic street isn’t known for crime, but considering the houses on the block are all worth millions, he can see why they were targeted.

Aerial view of South Orange County's Laguna Niguel, California.
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“The affluence of the area would make it enticing, but it’s just the one road in and out,” Skwarvk said. “It’s too easy to get caught.”

One of the residents who spotted the truck told police that the pickup had a piece of cardboard that read “stolen tag” attached to where the license plate should be. 

WKMG News 6
WKMG News 6

Getting Caught

Police later spotted the truck and pulled it over on Pineda Causeway in Melbourne.

In the video you can see the driver exit the vehicle first putting his hands over his head, then the man in the passenger seat attempts to exit the vehicle but hysterically falls out.

WKMG News 6
WKMG News 6

Police searched the vehicle and found the stolen jewelry and handgun.

Here is the video:

Florida burglars spotted driving pickup with ‘stolen tag’ written on cardboard, deputies say

The sheriff’s office said Sosa and Doulette were both convicted in the past on charges of grand theft and attempted burglary, respectively, in Lee County. (No surprise there)