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Officer.com – By Mark Price
Source The Charlotte Observer (TNS)

A Florida sheriff’s deputy is being lauded on social media for his response to a boy’s exaggerated idea of what calling 911 can accomplish.

It happened around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday, July 12, in Orange County, home to Orlando, and the boy did not have an emergency in the traditional sense.

“He thought it was an emergency that he needed a dinosaur,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported in a Facebook post. “The dispatcher explained what emergencies are & sent a deputy … to check on the child & his family.”

The deputy made a stop along the way and picked up two “Jurassic World” dinosaur toys — with roaring capabilities.

“The dispatcher actually ordered the toys for pickup at a Target and the deputy (got them) … before going to chat with the boy and his dad,” the sheriff’s office said.

Identities of the deputy and dispatcher were not released.

A photo shared on Facebook showed the barefoot boy holding a dinosaur in each arm as he stood on the porch.

The July 13 post racked up nearly 3,500 reactions and comments in 12 hours, including some who said the small act of kindness proves “the human race is not failing.”

A lot of parents responded, too, sheepishly admitting their children had also called 911 for the wrong reasons. They thanked the deputy for delivering an important lesson the boy will “remember … for the rest of his life.”

“I feel better knowing my kid wasn’t the only one. He called 911 just to have a deputy come say hi to him,” Victoria Grace L. Constantinidis wrote on the department’s Facebook post.

“My daughter once called 13 times because she wanted to know if it was true that when she called 911 the police came,” Jahaira Marquez Padilla posted. “They came.”

“We must teach what an emergency is, but let’s face it … in his little mind dinosaurs were important. So cute and beautiful attitude of the officer!” Julianna Varela B. Rios said.