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6.30.22 – KNWA/KFTA – LITTLE ROCK, Ark.

Local businesses can prevent cyberattacks with help from the FBI. – A new cyber workforce at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Little Rock is combatting cyberattacks on Arkansas’ businesses, according to FBI Little Rock Special Agent James Dawson in a news release.

The cyber workforce will create a rapid local response to cyber threats that cost U.S. businesses more than $2 billion last year alone, Special Agent Dawson states.

“We have numerous cyber-trained agents throughout Arkansas,” Special Agent Dawson said, “and each has significant threat response, counterintelligence, domestic intelligence, and computer intrusion expertise.”

A cyber-trained FBI Special Agent can arrive to assist victims within three hours anywhere in the state with the partnerships of federal and private organizations.

How to protect your business or organization from a cyberattack

Don’t wait until your business experiences a cyberattack. You can become a partner with FBI Little Rock for free.

Although it helps if you already are an established partnership with the FBI, businesses do not need to be previously established partners with the FBI to receive help when an attack happens.

“Meeting for the first time during a crisis is a tough way to start off a relationship,” said Connor Hagen, public affairs officer at FBI Little Rock.

It is easier for the FBI to help local businesses and organizations to combat attacks when cyber-attacks are reported. It is encouraged to report the attacks.

“If your company does become the victim of an attack, we will work closely with you to thoroughly investigate the matter while assisting with incident response,” Special Agent Dawson said.

What does a partnership with the FBI and your business or organization look like?

If you decide to protect your business or organization and partner with the FBI, you will have:

  • Meetings with cyber task force
  • Receive breaking updates for potential cyber threats
  • Direct point of contact in the event of a cyberattack

If you would like to learn more you can call FBI Little Rock at 501-221-9100.