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7.13.22 – Belleville, ON, Canada / Quinte News

A False Alarm By-law is being proposed in Prince Edward County in an effort to reduce the number of false alarms.

Staff developed the proposed by-law on the recommendation of the Prince Edward County Police Services Board.

It costs the municipality approximately $66 per false alarm and takes the one or two police officers dispatched each time an average of just over an hour to respond.

The proposal calls for a verbal warning for a first response with $100 and $200 fines for second and third responses.

Every additional false alarm in a calendar year would result in $400 fines each time.

Staff expect the by-law would result in the reduction of the number of false alarm calls by putting the responsibility onto property owners to ensure their alarm systems are functioning properly to avoid fines.

It would also free up police to spend their time and resources responding to more serious calls.

The prescribed fees would be included in the County’s Fees and Charges By-law leading up to the 2023 Budget.

Committee of the Whole will discuss the proposal at its meeting Thursday.