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80.15.22 – KOCO

The Enid Police Department put out a warning after they said someone made fake social media posts about crimes happening in the northern Oklahoma city.

“Someone has been making erroneous posts concerning horrific crimes in Enid across multiple social media platforms. These posts are blatantly false and are in no way true,” Enid Police Department officials posted to social media. “While the purpose for making such claims remains a mystery to us, we want to tell the Enid community that if such a crime were to occur, we would inform you all directly with a post via our official social media channels.”

One of the examples the police officials posted about was someone claiming a “serial killer or abductor” was hunting in Enid.

Police said anyone who sees one of these fake posts should report them to the social media platform – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – to which they are posted.

“We appreciate the tremendous support we receive from the Enid community and are as forthright as possible with those we proudly serve,” Enid police officials wrote. “We strive to keep the community informed of our activities and crime trends across the community.”