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kfor.com-Jan 29, 2019

EDMOND, Okla. – Investigators are working with the owners of The Peak Dispensary after the business was burglarized.

Corbin Wyatt, the CEO of the medical marijuana business, says around $1,000 worth of marijuana was stolen.

Edmond police say in the wee hours of the morning, someone took a chunk of asphalt from the sidewalk and tried to throw it through the glass windows in the business’ storefront.

“We have a strong protective film on there designed to help the glass not shatter,” explained Wyatt.

But, the thieves got through the doors of the business. The Peak keeps the bulk of their product locked beyond a secure door with a number of security systems protecting it. Wyatt says any thief looking for a quick buck would be in for a major letdown.

“This is a cash industry, we’re not allowed to use banks,” he said. “We have about five incognito secure drops that go throughout the day at all of our locations.  The cash is not there by the end of the day, at all, so there’s no money to steal. The product that was out and available was kind of just minor crumbs.”

The thieves also ripped a camera out of the wall.

“This is the first break in of a dispensary that we’ve had since they’ve come to our jurisdiction,” said Jenny Wagnon with Edmond PD. “The camera was hooked to a system so we’re working with the owners to get the images downloaded off of that so we’ll have a good suspect description off of that.”

“I can tell you of dozens of other dispensaries that have been broken into,” said Wyatt. “I think we’re the first to report it to the police and the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association), which is interesting because that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do under the law.”

He says they are taking it as a warning to up their security practices at all of their nine locations.

“Setting up more cameras, stronger alarm systems, a gate that will go down over the glass at night to make sure that’s more secure,” he explained. “We’re also going to be working with the Edmond Police Department to make sure all of our security measures that we have protect our patients during the day and protect our store at night.”

Police hope the retrieval of the security footage will lead to a swift identification and apprehension of the person or persons responsible.