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Fellow TBFAA Members:
DPS has been out auditing CE Schools and businesses around the state. We’ve received several complaints that things were not as smooth as they could have been. We’re working on getting a current checklist of what the DPS civilian auditors are looking for. I believe that will help both the business being audited and the auditor since they’ll be working from the same checklist. Please be polite and patient with the auditors. They are human beings that are just trying to do their job with the information they’ve been given. If you have a bad experience, please contact me at president@tbfaa.org so we can address it with DPS. president@tbfaa.org

One thing that we were told they are looking for is former employees not properly terminated with DPS. Please log into TOPS and go under’ My Businesses’, click on the ‘Actions’ drop down menu and select the ‘Download Employee Report’, review it and make any necessary changes. This is an important employment step because there have been former employees still working, using their former employer’s name and license. Think about it, how is DPS supposed to know they’re out there working illegally if you didn’t properly terminate them?    

John C. Helweg
Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association