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1.25.21 – WSPT – 

Door to door sales were extremely popular a few years ago and you probably don’t miss it at all. We created a list of the old door-to-door sales …

When I was a kid I remember my parents always yelling at my siblings and I because we would run to the door to check who was ringing the doorbell. Most of the time it was some salesperson just going door to door selling either knives, alarm systems, and the good o’ vacuums. Those sales guys got my parents once with a very expensive Kirby vacuum that weighed about 100 pounds.

We thought we would make a list of things that you probably purchased from a door-to-door salesperson at some point in you’re life. You probably don’t miss them knocking on your door, I know I don’t.

Door-To-Door Sales People You Don’t Miss Seeing


The vacuum sales people were hustlers. The whole neighborhood had the same vacuum at one point.


Way before google you had to search stuff on encyclopedias and these sales guys were trying to save you a trip to the library.

Skin Care Products

The Avon ladies were everywhere. They were making that money going door to door with the skin care products and make up.


You probably get these here and there saying you need your roofing done but not as much as before. Handyman are out there getting that money.

John Moore – Getty Images

Girl Scouts Cookies

Either you were the one knocking selling the cookies or maybe you just remember the kids going around the neighborhood selling cookies. Now it seems like you can purchase some cookies online.

Home Alarm System

These guys will give you a full story on how to make sure your house was safe at all times.

Life Insurance

We are sure you haven’t seen one of these in a while but life insurance agents were knocking on doors making you had some sort of insurance.


Do you remember the cutco knife sales people? They were very pushy and insisted that your knives were not as good as the cutco knives.

Meat Guy

The meat guy was everyones favorite guy because it was meat service at your door. If you were new to the neighborhood you had to be ready and expect that door knock.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning services is something that is still around but they don’t knock on your door anymore.

Gardening Service

Now in the 21st century it seems like even the gardeners have stopped door knocking and now getting clients by word of mouth or social media sponsoring.