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9.9.19 – CI –

Installers showed mixed opinions on electronics packaging waste in a recent discussion on Facebook. This strikes me as very concerning.

recent FB post on the “AV Install Nightmares” has me thinking: do AV installers care enough about electronics packaging waste? Based on the replies to that post, it seems as though the answer is “not enough.”

Though, instead of launching straight into an environmental finger-wag, I have to be honest with you: this is the first time I’m writing about waste, recycling, or anything like that on Commercial Integrator. And I’ve worked here for over two years.

It would be at least somewhat hypocritical of everybody reading this to say that they’re some sort of eco-warrior when it comes to minimizing waste: we all buy stuff, and that stuff comes in packaging. Some of us are good about recycling that packaging where possible; and even fewer of us are good about buying stuff with recycled or recyclable packing in the first place. But ultimately, our oceans and our landfills are still filling up with non-biodegradable materials.

And, like it or not, YOU are a part of an industry that is readily adding to those piles… We all are.