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10.29.19 – SSI – COSTA MESA, Calif.

For the second consecutive year, Brinks Home Security ranks number one in the pro install segment of J.D. Power’s Home Security Satisfaction study.

This year’s study was also expanded to include DIY security systems, which saw Ring Alarm come out on top.

“The growth of the DIY home security market has fueled customer satisfaction and made the industry more competitive than ever,” says Christina Cooley, director, home improvement and technology practice at J.D. Power. “As newer entrants gain market share, more established companies must continue to find ways to differentiate themselves to capture and keep new customers. Understanding what motivates customers to purchase a security system, being highly competitive with pricing and staying on the cutting edge of technology are key to staying competitive in a fast-changing industry.”

Brinks ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in the pro install segment with a score of 857. However, in the DIY segment, Ring Alarm earned a score of 904, while second place SimpliSafe earned a 900. Could this signal trouble for the professional security industry?

Professional Security Companies With Highest Customer Service Satisfaction

Brinks Home Security has the highest customer satisfaction rating for the second year in a row and increased its rating from last year by five points. ADT and Xfinity’s scores also increased from last year while Vivint’s remained the same. The industry average is 845.

  1. Brinks Home Security (857)
  2. ADT (847)
  3. Vivint Smart Home (839)
  4. Xfinity Home Security (836)

Ring Alarm ranked ahead of second place SimpliSafe by four points in customer satisfaction. The industry average for DIY systems is higher than pro systems, with a score of 881.

  1. Ring Alarm (904)
  2. SimpliSafe (900)
  3. Frontpoint (872)
  4. Protect America (847)
  5. LifeShield (ADT) (840)
  6. Brinks Home Security (826)

Here are some additional key findings from the 2019 study:

  • In search of the latest and greatest: The desire to upgrade is the most common reason customers in both the Pro Install and DIY Install segments start shopping for a home security system. Nearly half of customers (45% in the Pro Install segment and 40% in the DIY Install segment) cite the desire to upgrade as their top motivation to shop for a new system. But they have other motivations too. Customers who purchased a Pro Install system are spurred to act by special discounts and bundled packages (24%), as well as the purchase of a new home (24%). DIY customers are largely motivated by peace of mind (36%) and protecting their property (34%).
  • Brand reputation and pricing are important: When it comes to selecting a provider, priorities differ between the two segments. Pro Install customers are driven mostly by brand reputation (42%) while DIY Install customers lean more heavily on price (63%) to aid their decision making.
  • DIY Install customers are more satisfied: Customers who self-install their systems have the highest overall satisfaction across the six areas measured. DIYers are especially satisfied when it comes to pricing (860 vs. 785 for the Pro Install segment). It’s critical to provide pricing options that meet customers’ needs and are easily understood by customers, as each has a significant effect on the customer’s perception of the provider as being customer-driven. DIY Install customers are more likely to have additional security-related products beyond a control panel/keypad/hub and alarm sensors, such as video doorbells, exterior home cameras and alarm sirens.
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