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5.6.23 – AZ Animals – Written by Jaydee Williams

Parts of Mississippi are more at risk than others. The city that is most likely to be hit by a tornado is Magee, MS.

Mississippi is second in the country on the tornado index. This means that after Oklahoma, the second most likely place to experience a tornado is Mississippi. 

Scientists believe that this could be an effect of global warming causing “Tornado Alley”, an area encompassing parts of Oklahoma, Missouri, and a few other Midwestern states, to shift eastward due to recent climate change. The warmer weather that has been occurring recently has led to more tornadoes forming in Mississippi and other states further east. Parts of Mississippi are more at risk than others. 

The city that is most likely to be hit by a tornado is Magee, MS. 

About Mississippi’s Tornado Capital

Magee has a score of 473.03 on the tornado index. Compared to Oklahoma’s highest-ranked city, with a score just below 700, 473.03 is still fairly high. 

Magee, MS is home to 3,888 people as of 2021. The city encompasses a little over five miles of land area and is part of Simpson County. It ranks below the national average in terms of violent crime and below the national average in theft and motor vehicle theft. Magee ranks just above the national average in burglary.

The median household income of Magee is $27,045, which is much lower than the national average. The weather in Magee is usually comfortable. The average mean temperature is 64.4°F, which is slightly warmer than the U.S. average. Magee experiences 56.71 inches of rain each year, which is 18 more inches than the U.S. average. Their rainy season usually lasts from December until April.

The History of Magee

Magee was first settled in the early 1800s by Willie Magee. He built a grist mill on Little Goodwater Creek. The mill attracted workers and settlers, who brought their families to the area and began building homes. On February 25, 1900, the community officially became incorporated as the Village of Magee. By 1910, there was a growing population of 685 residents.

Magee. Mississippi. USA on a map
The city of Magee, MS encompasses a little over five miles of land area and is part of Simpson County.©SevenMaps/Shutterstock.com

Magee Today

Magee has quite a bit of culture for such a small city. There’s a modern auditorium and a few local arts groups. An annual event takes place called Crazy Day that usually happens on the third Saturday of September. It’s a local gathering on main street where residents can set up and sell homemade goods and products. There is also a pageant and a car show held for the town holiday. Crazy Day is put on by Magee’s Chamber of Commerce, which was first created in 1957. The Chamber notes that they approach the future with a progressive attitude while preserving the hometown values Magee was built on. They also sponsor the homecoming, Christmas parade, tree lighting, and caroling events each year. 

The town has a public library which was established in 1935. The community rebuilt it in 1975 and it continues to actively put on events today. There is a weekly storytime at the library on Wednesdays with other events occurring sporadically throughout the year.

Magee has an average education system in comparison to the rest of the state. They have an elementary, middle, and high school, as well as a branch of Copiah-Lincoln Community College. Because of the numerous opportunities for education, most residents either hold a high school diploma or have some college experience up to an associate’s degree.

Claim to Fame

In 2015, Magee got state-wide attention for a restaurant in the city called “Zip’s”. The restaurant earned the award of best hamburger in Mississippi. In 2022, Zip’s earned another recognition for their amazing burgers. In a Facebook contest put on by the Mississippi Beef Council and the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, Zip’s was recognized as having Mississippi’s Best Burger of 2022.