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2.24.23 – KWCH 

Lawmakers at the Kansas Statehouse are moving forward on several bills ahead of Friday’s Turnaround Day.

Turnaround Day is the deadline for non-exempt bills not worked out in committee, debated and passed on the floor of the chamber. Such bills will not be allowed to move forward in the legislative process after Friday.

The Senate approved legislation Thursday moving forward a proposal to implement a flat income tax for all taxpayers. The chamber voted 22-17 to approve a 4.75 percent flat income tax. Those making $5,000 or less a year would have no income tax. That proposal now heads to the House.

Legislators also voted 22-16 to eliminate all state and local sales taxes on food next year.

The House and Senate lawmakers passed bills ending the three-day grace period for advanced ballot collection, 77-45. The House voted to create the grace period in 2017. Republican proponents of the bill say it restores trust in the electoral process while opponents argue those in favor of it are the problem with the process.

Also – the Senate passed a bill that would have the state pay up to $10 million in tax credits to people who contribute to charitable pregnancy center organizations. The act would apply to non-profit facilities that solely provide assistance to women in order to carry their pregnancy to term. Opponents say the centers discourage people from getting abortions with misinformation and pressure tactics..

The Senate also approved a bill stripping local health officials of power to fight contagious diseases. The state would only enforce recommendations, not mandates if passed in the House.