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1.10.23 – County Live – Bloomfield, ON

Some increases are found in the 2023 update of the Prince Edward County’s fees and charges for specific municipal services and activities provided by the municipality.

Fees and charges assist in covering all or a portion of the cost of delivering specific services and are seen to alleviate financial impact on tax and user ratepayers.

A new fine is in effect for false alarm calls passed by council upon recommendation from the Police Services Board. A verbal warning follows the first response to a false alarm. The fine for a second response in the calendar year is $100; third response is $200 and fourth $400.

A 10 per cent increase to taxi fares. For examples, the maximum fare to downtown Belleville from Picton is $58.30, or $60.50 to the train station. Picton to far west village limits of Bloomfield is $17.60; to Wellington is $35.20 and to Sandbanks Park gates is $30.80.

Some highlights of the changes include:

Fire & Rescue:
Increased fee for annual burn permits – now $25 annually.
People burning during a burn ban may also face the current MTO rate/hour/apparatus, or a minimum $750.00 fine as well as the costs of personnel who attend the incident as well as the cost of materials to control spills and leaks.

Waste management:
Increased fee for municipal bag tags to $3.25 from $3. Staff will rollout the new bag tags in the coming weeks. The plan will include an amnesty for existing bag tags and a trade-in program for vendors and the public. Details to come.

The price for green bins has risen $5 to $58. The cost of composters remains at $40 but there is a giveaway program planned.

There is a new extra-large item fee of $15 to help offset the cost of disposal for larger, heavier items such as king-sized mattresses and furniture.

The fees to drop off construction debris have risen $5 to $10 depending on amount.

There are no fees for non-refrigerated white goods, as well as refrigerated white goods which have their refrigerant removed. The cost for white goods containing refrigerant remains at $30.

Building Permits and Development:

All Development Services fees will increase by 2 per cent to adjust for expected inflation.
New $150 fee for advertising of site plan control and off-site servicing agreements.
New municipal construction inspection fee of $77 per hour in connection with development of subdivision lands, lands under site plan control or development agreements.
There are also increased fees for re-inspections/services/special inspection charge per inspection to match the Fire Department re-inspection fee; increased fees for a Temporary Occupancy Permit and separate fees applied for civic address flag and sign post ($30 each) to reduce the cost for residents only requiring one or the other replaced.

Museums and facilities:
Admission to the County museums will be by donation. School group fees will be $5 per student. Facility rentals will range from $50 to $160 per hour.

Parks and recreation rental rates:
Full Service (includes a minimum of three of the following services: brick and motor bathroom, shelter, water, electricity, tables and garbage) Benson Park, Mill Pond Park, Roblin Lake Park, Westfall Park, Wellington Park and Youth Skate Park is $100.

Partial Service (includes a Portable Bathroom, Tables and Garbage) Delhi Park, Rossmore Park, Jack Taylor Park, Consecon Park, Wilkinson Memorial Park, Centennial Park $50

The damage/reservation fee has doubled to $100.

Ball diamond tournament rates are now $75 per day.

A court reservation fee of $10 per hour has also been added for those wishing to rent courts for tennis or pickleball.

Community hall rentals:
Community hall rentals now have a $30 hourly rental rate; $270 daily and $120 for council committees or departments. It’s $15/hour for non-profit community group/service.

The damage deposit/cancellation rate has decreased to $150 from $430.

Groups addressing food security or public health are permitted to use municipal spaces free of charge as has been the practice of the 2018-2022 term of council.

Medical and health clinic initiatives are permitted to use space in-kind, for events like influenza and COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

The annual $600 rate for use for recreation committees has been removed.

The nine ward Recreation Boards and Committees are permitted to use their applicable halls free of charge for meetings, community programs and events that have no cost to participants such as community dinners or recreation programming. If there is programming that will be at a cost to participants, the recreation committees or program/event organizers not-for-profit hall rental rate will apply.

Fees are higher for the community centre rentals in Picton and Wellington.

Click here to read the complete 2023 Fees & Changes Bylaw Staff Report presented to council.