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2.27.23 – KWTX – TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX)

The owners of the Redbird Hemp Dispensary need help looking for the person who broke into their store and stole hundreds of dollars in merchandise.

On Sunday morning around 12:30 a.m. police officers responded to a burglary alarm and found a broken front window at the CBD store.

Security cam footage from the store shows a suspect wearing a clown mask and gloves breaking a front window and taking products like room spray, a grinder and rolling paper.

Kristi McGaughey and her husband, Griffin, who own the store, have never experienced anything like this before.

”We were very panicked, it was a first time experience for us,” Griffin said.

The owners said they got a notification from their Ring security system app, alerting them that someone broke in.

“I think any kind of business owner needs to have some kind of security, and even if you have that you should re-evaluate,” Kristi said.

Shards of glass and a boarded up window remain as remnants of the burglary at Redbird Hemp Dispensary, which is located on 19 South 25th Street.

”It’s just crazy that people can come in here and do anything they want with your shop,” Kristi said.

The suspect stole around $300 worth of merchandise from the couple’s store.

”We’ve really put everything we have into this shop to make it really cool,” Kristi said.

The McGauheys started their store in 2019 with just one display case inside a small shop in Temple. Then in August 2022, they tore down some walls and enlarged the space. Two weeks ago, they leased their first billboard for their shop.

”This isn’t going to hold us back, we’re just going to keep growing from it,” Kristi said.

Griffin and Kristi plan on adding a gate outside their store for enhanced security after the burglary. The gate will be retractable, similar to the ones found at malls.

The Temple Police Department is still investigating this incident.