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5.15.20 – SIW – For more info

Innovatrics solution overcomes traditional obstacles to provide a truly seamless experience

The recent boom in face recognition is offering novel ways to change interactions and smart buildings are spaces where it can be put to good use. Several Asian countries are already using it due to face recognition being contactless. Many solutions are still hybrid though: they require user interaction with a terminal-based control. For those looking for fully contactless solutions this is not an option (and with the requirement to install special terminals it can be costly).

When designing its access solution, Innovatrics was addressing several challenges that must be overcome in order to provide a truly seamless experience. The goal is to provide a solution that is truly contactless, almost fully automatized and flexible enough to incorporate into existing access control systems. When implementing our solutions, we have been meeting with all the mentioned challenges and we welcome the integrators needing our help to join us at Innovatrics Partner Program.

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