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4.21.23 – pressbee.net – SACRAMENTO

A Sacramento family says the installation of an alarm system left them with water damage and mold. It was time to Call Kurtis.

They say the damage forced them to rip out a good portion of their kitchen, including kitchen appliances, cupboards and walls after Misty O’Neal noticed mold on the wall.

“We have been out of the kitchen since October,” Misty said. “The plumber came out and put his finger in it, and it went right through [the wall].”

And they’re a family of five, left without a functioning kitchen.

Turns out, the security company’s installation of an alarm system months earlier left a pipe damaged, and undetected, the fungus grew for months.

“It was pretty scary to have the mold in our house all the way from April to October,” she told CBS13.

“Everybody that comes over can’t believe we’ve been living like this for so long,” Reggie added.

So Volunteer Maureen took the case. She reached out to the alarm company, and that seemed to do the trick.

“Within a week of us contacting them, they were over there starting the repairs,” Maureen said.

Case closed. Thanks, Maureen.

This situation was complicated because the family rents the home. And renter’s insurance typically only covers belongings – not damage to the structure. But there are certain liability policies that may cover something like this, so check with your insurance agent.