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12.15.21 -KMBC 

A number of fake bills have turned up in Brookside shops in Kansas City, several businesses have been hit in recent months

A crime alert has been issued in Kansas City. Businesses are being warned to watch out for counterfeit bills. A number of the fake bills have turned up in Brookside.

Behind the register at Topsy’s in Brookside, are a few reminders that avoiding deception is the details. Several counterfeit bills came into the shop within the last four months.Advertisement

“I didn’t realize how common it was,” Topsy’s Manager Morgan Chiz Corry said.

Now staff are checking all of the large bills coming in. A member of the Brookside Business Association says this crime is on the rise with at least three incidents in the last few weeks.

“It hurts harder than people think. It’s a $3 product but they are paying with a bigger bill so we essentially take the hit for the bigger bill and not just the three dollars,” Corry said.

Next door, at the Brookside Party Warehouse, Jerri Brandon has her own collection of counterfeit bills.

“It’s Just a reminder to be watchful,” Brandon said.

She changed her policy on accepting large bills after someone made a purchase with a fake $100 bill a few years back.

“Just bring it to me to make the decision whether we accept it or not and then it’s on me if it’s a bad bill not on a 16-year-old,” Brandon said.

Businesses are starting to see smaller fake bills now too.

“I just think everybody needs to be paying attention. Because anything that hurts anybody in the community hurts all of us,” Brandon said.

Counterfeit bills can be reported to the local police department or the Kansas City Secret Service field office.