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5.7.23 – ..By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Burglars in Franklin Township, York County, Pennsylvania, have been using chickens as a distraction to rob homes.

The criminals approach homeowners pretending to be interested in buying chickens, while their partners sneak inside the home.

The Gajmer family, who had recently moved to the US from Nepal to start their own smallholding, fell victim to the vile scheme in November, leaving them feeling unsafe in their own home.

Although the family had already planned to move, the burglary only served to hasten their departure.

Frequent Crimes

Chief Dave Lash of the Northern York County Regional Police Department explained that diversion burglaries are becoming increasingly frequent, particularly in the spring and early summer.

He advised homeowners not to leave their houses and to call 911 if anyone refuses to leave or continues to linger around their property.

Ramesh Gajmer is absolutely devastated
Ramesh Gajmer is absolutely devastated

Although the Gajmer family has already fallen victim to the criminals, they are still in shock and have not yet recovered from the incident.

Awareness of the Scheme

Recently, on April 14, the burglars tried to rob another couple from Red Lion.

Fortunately, the couple was aware of the scheme and chased the robbers off their property.

They had heard a car honking and a passenger offered them $35 per chicken.

The passenger repeatedly tried to persuade the couple to show him their chickens and turkeys, but the couple refused, and the burglars left.

When the couple watched the CCTV footage, they realised how strange the encounter was.

The burglars had repeatedly honked and waved towards the front door, trying to lure someone outside.


It’s unfortunate that the Gajmer family has fallen victim to such a vile scheme.

The burglars have taken advantage of the family’s dream to start their own smallholding in the US.

It’s also alarming that these diversion burglaries are becoming increasingly frequent, and it’s important for homeowners to be aware of the scheme.

Homeowners should be cautious when approached by strangers, especially those who offer too much money or ask too many questions.

If anyone suspects anything suspicious, they should call the authorities immediately.

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