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Founded last year, OfferFit uses self-learning AI to personalize marketing offers down to the individual level.

2.25.21 – SSI – DALLAS

A partnership with startup OfferFit aims to unlock new insights into customer journey mapping with an AI-enabled, self-learning platform.

Brinks Home Security has embarked on what it terms “an artificial intelligence (AI) transformation” in partnership with OfferFit to innovate true 1-to-1 marketing personalization, according to an announcement.

Founded last year, OfferFit uses self-learning AI to personalize marketing offers down to the individual level. Self-learning AI allows companies to scale their marketing offers using real-time results driven by machine learning.

Self-learning AI, also called reinforcement learning, first came to national attention through DeepMind’s AlphaGo program, which beat human Go champion Lee Sedol in 2016. While the technology has been used in academic research for years, commercial applications are just starting to be implemented.

Brinks Home Security CEO William Niles approached OfferFit earlier this year about using the AI platform to test customer marketing initiatives, according to the announcement. The pilot program involved using OfferFit’s proprietary AI to personalize offers for each customer in the sample set.

At first, the AI performed no better than the control. However, within two weeks, the AI had reached two times the performance of the control population. By the end of the third week, it had reached four times the result of the control group, the announcement states.

Brinks Home Security is now looking to expand use cases to other marketing and customer experience campaigns with the goal of providing customers with relevant, personalized offers and solutions.

“The companies that flourish in the next decade will be the leaders in AI adoption,” Niles says. “Brinks Home Security is partnering with OfferFit because we are on a mission to have the best business intelligence and marketing personalization in the industry.”

Personalization is a key component in creating customers for life. The consumer electronics industry, in particular, has a huge opportunity to leverage this type of machine learning to provide customers with more meaningful company interactions, not only at the point of sale but elsewhere in the customer lifecycle.

“Our goal is to create customers for life by providing a premium customer experience,” says Jay Autrey, chief customer officer, Brinks Home Security. “To achieve that, we must give each customer exactly the products and services they need to be safe and comfortable in their home. OfferFit lets us reach true one-to-one personalization.”

The Brinks Home Security test allowed OfferFit to see its AI adapting through a real-world case. Both companies see opportunities to expand the partnership and its impact on the customer lifecycle.

“We know that AI is the future of marketing personalization, and pilot programs like the one that Brinks Home Security just completed demonstrate the value that machine learning can have for a business and on its customers,” comments OfferFit CEO George Khachatryan.