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2.3.21 – WJTV – JACKSON, Miss.

With a new piece of legislation, Mississippi could become one of the most friendly states.

Rather than having to jump through new government hoops, under the proposal, Mississippi’s licensing boards will recognize out of state occupational licenses for people who have been licensed in their profession for at least one year.

That is, if they are in good standing in the state where they are licensed. This will potentially make it easier for people who are already licensed in another state to get licensed at the same level in the state.

Russ Latino, president of Empower Mississippi, said, “It’s making it an awful lot easier for people to come to the Magnolia State, the most hospitable state in the country, and immediately be able to find a job that’s meaningful and start contributing to their communities.”

Last year, Mississippi passed a similar law for military members and their families.

If the bill becomes a law, it reportedly would be expanded. The bill would provide open opportunities to all who move to Mississippi.