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12.4.22 – KARK — SPRINGDALE, Ark.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always great times to get your holiday shopping done. If that was the case, then you are probably expecting packages arriving to your house very soon.

Although, if they get left on your doorstep too long, police said they become an easy target for thieves.

As the holidays approach, people are ordering last minute gift and having them delivered right to their doorstep, but this time of year there may be more grinches out to steal Christmas.

In 2021, Arkansas changed its laws, making this the first holiday season for punishment.

According to the new law, stealing a package is a Class D Felony, meaning thieves can spend up to the six years in prison.

“Most criminals, they don’t think of the consequences whenever they go to commit the crime. They are not thinking that far ahead, but it definitely helps us. you know. If they get caught, we can send that message out to other people and may deter somebody,” Springdale Police Officer, Captain Jeff Taylor said.

Captain Taylor said to avoid having your packages being taken, to have someone in person to retrieve them.

He also suggests having them delivered to your neighbor’s house if they are home, or workplace, and that the less time they sit on your doorstep, the better.