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5.11.21 – Little Rock (KATV)

Another Arkansas contractor working without a license has been fined $78,000.

In April, the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board also issued a cease and desist order after Patrick Webb admitted to working on at least four home improvement projects without a license. Over the years, Webb has operated under different business entities. In 2010, the board revoked his license following multiple complaints and violations found.

Since then, Webb has made multiple attempts and has applied for a license under different entities, but the board has continuously denied his application.

Last month, Webb showed up to the board meeting with his attorney Sheila Campbell.

“I was in the process of trying to get a license,” Webb explained.

A board member confirmed that Webb had been denied a license and pointed out that Webb continued working anyway. Webb admitted to doing so on four jobs.

This is not Webb’s first run-in with the board. At least one project from 2013 took longer than expected and led to a lawsuit.

The board’s administrator told Seven on Your Side that Webb owes them around $164,000 in fees and penalties, mostly for working without a license.

“He has two $500 checks that he brought with him. He has no job. So I don’t know what you want him to do,” Webb’s attorney argued. “He’s got a wife that’s trying to take care of three children. What do you want this man to do?”

“We want him to obey the law,” one board member said.

While Webb was not fined for leaving jobs unfinished, Seven on Your Side is warning homeowners that he has a cease-and-desist order against him. Hiring Webb for a home project could be risky because he could get caught and forced to stop working.

Webb did make a $1,000 payment last week toward this recent fine, an administrator said.