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1.14.22- SSI- Lou Fiore

The Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) continues to pursue emergency relief over AT&T’s 3G sunset plans and the looming February 2022 deadline.

This will impact millions of lives of AICC customers who depend on intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring services; and those customers of home health monitoring who depend on these services on a daily basis, who on average are 82 years of age, live alone and need these services for emergency health monitoring.

AICC has petitioned the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for a delay and believes strongly that without it, lives will be at risk. The industry has hit the perfect storm — trying to replace these devices as quickly as possible, calling, texting even going door to door, but between COVID/chip shortages and supply chain issues the need for a delay is crucial.

This is about saving lives, not dollars.

AICC’s own industry survey results conducted at the end of 2020, reveal close to 6 million customers nationwide still needed upgrades. Based upon more recent information, the industry believes that number is now closer to 2 million, reflecting extraordinary efforts by alarm service providers to meet AT&T’s 3G shutdown date.

This is consistent with a recent MacGuard Security Advisors’ survey of how many units have been replaced since the beginning of the transition. This corresponds to our estimates based upon consultation with our members that approximately 2 million of the 6 million units that needed to be upgraded at the end of 2020 still needed to be replaced.

The number of affected Americans remains much higher, as other 3G users have advised the FCC that a loss of AT&T’s service will compromise anti-collision systems in cars; telematics that automatically summon help in the event of a crash; school bus communications; rural users that have no 4G or 5G  signal to use in summoning help if they break down in freezing temperatures; and others who depend on 3G for their safety.

AICC remains hopeful that with FCC assistance, an accommodation can be reached with AT&T to avoid this unnecessary risk to so many vulnerable Americans.

AICC, a committee of The Monitoring Association, is composed of representatives of TMA, the Electronic Security Association (ESA), the Security Industry Association (SIA) and major alarm companies and manufacturers.

Louis Fiore, an SSI Industry Hall of Fame inductee, serves as Chair of the AICC.