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Feb 19, 2021 | NBC4 DFW

Several North Texas agencies say they’ve seen a huge spike in calls, many related to busted water pipes

The last several days of winter weather have left 911 call centers and city services inundated with calls.

The Dallas Police Dept. said they’ve received almost double the amount of calls compared to the same time last year. On Feb. 17, 2020, the department received 4,542 compared to today’s 9,022 calls.

“Many of the DPD 911 call takers have been working 16-hour shifts to provide 911 services to our community. Despite their hard work, this weather event has led to delays in the handling of 911 calls. It is important to note that the weather event has led to a significant number of calls to 911 from callers reporting their electricity was out, their water lines burst, and other non-police related issues. When non-emergency events are being called into 911, others emergency calls may receive a delay in service,” said Dallas Police in a statement.